Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too much like last time

Current problem: I want to make a label for my binder-portfolio-thing, so that I will have something to put in the complicated window. Six years ago, I made such a label, and I'm finding that the process of making a new one has me all horribly tied in knots. I wasn't expecting that. I thought most of the old bad stuff had been adequately dealt with, but evidently it hasn't.

So I've been all stuck, and finally decided to see if I still had the parameters for the old label. They should have gotten the full napalm treatment, but no, they're still moldering away in some of my archives. And now that I've rendered them again, they look a little flat. A little dull. Some of that, I remember, was fixed by a suitable application of typography, but the colors are more monochrome than I might like.

At least that solves the problem of wondering whether I should just re-use the thing as it is. It would definitely need some tweaking. And I think maybe I will scrap my more recent attempts, because they look too similar, and try to figure out some different approach entirely.


Samuel Monnier said...

Is it made with Crystal Globe? :)

Mr. Velocipede said...

Yes, it is!

I really like Crystal Globe for this kind of thing, because it allows for clearly-defined shapes while still being fractal. Probably I will end up using it again for my new label...the only reason I hesitate is that the last time I was putting together a fractal portfolio, the experience ended up being extremely traumatic (for various stupid reasons), and now this image has too many unfortunate associations. But I still like the formula.