Thursday, August 13, 2009

The first one-third

Here are a couple of absolutely terrible photographs of the multi-panel thing I'm working on. I wouldn't post them at all, but I know Chronographia will be checking to see if I'm keeping up with NaNaHeyHey.

The prints have been mounted on black foamcore, and precariously balanced on magnets stuck to thumbtacks. I was fairly surprised that I got them to stay up long enough to take the picture.

When the whole thing is done, there will be twelve panels, for a total of ten running feet. I'm still not sure how I'm going to do the actual attaching-to-the-wall part. It will probably involve more magnets, stuck to the back of the foamcore somehow.


Anonymous said...

I'm not checking up on you! I'm just curious what you decide to make. Personally I am tired of drawing seed packets, after drawing four different varieties of tomato.

Mr. Velocipede said...

I'm hoping that somebody's checking up on me, anyway. I fear I've been all too successful at retreating into my hermit-hole. I mean, I know the Professor is reading these but that's because he comments over my shoulder when I'm trying to type.