Saturday, November 7, 2009

Less grit, more dissolve

One more, the same flavor.

untitled [glowing phoenix]

And the contest results have been posted, so there's a big pile of new pictures to look at. Hooray!

I really do wish there were more fractal events. Not huge major contests, necessarily, but some kind of regular checking-in kind of thing. I'm not sure what format I would want it to have; the main thing is that I like when there are a whole bunch of new pictures to look at all at once, and I would be glad if it happened more often. Every so often I go look at the fractal section at DeviantArt, but it's not sorted out very well, and I get tired of wading through all the anime sketches on scanned notebook paper. And I hate the site's graphic design, so I don't go there very often in any case.


Far said...

At the risk of pimping myself a bit too much here, I'd like to link you to this. Basically, I sort through all the anime sketches on scanned notebook paper so you don't have to. ;)

I try to whip one up every week, with between 20 and 30 fractals featured.

Mr.Velocipede said...

Oh, awesome! I'll check it out.

Sandra Reid said...

For some time now I have had fairly similar thoughts to you.

My feeling is that for fractal art to be accepted more readily in the mainstream art world the profile must be raised through things like fractal only exhibitions that not just fractal artists but also the art loving public can view.

Mr.Velocipede said...

Sandra, I agree that exhibitions would be a good idea. The general public (or at least, my own friends and relations) have so many wrong or misleading ideas about fractals that I hardly know where to start. Most verbal explanations of fractal math or fractal art—two very different things!—only seem to confuse or irritate people. But they don't have any trouble with the pictures if they see them by themselves, without any explanation attached.

mary said...

I have only the most basic understanding of fractals and fractal art. I found your site by looking for the color Octarine after reading the Color of Magic. I think your work is amazing, and am currently using the Octarine one on my desktop. Will use your Glowing Phoenix one soon too. Thanks, your work is amazing.