Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beats two pairs

My current project is a woodblock printed over a series of inkjet-printed fractals. The woodcut is a portrait of Gaston Julia, adapted from the couple of pictures I was able to find online.

Gaston Julia
Gaston Julia

Sosaku-hanga woodblock print using sumi ink on kitakata paper, 8" x 10". Artist's proof.

The fractals are Julia sets, of course, and I've been experimenting with how to best take advantage of their natural symmetry. The end result is a little bit like a playing card.

Three Julias
Three Pairs of Julia

Sosaku-hanga woodblock prints using sumi ink over digital inkjet prints on kitakata paper, 9" x 20.5" each.

I still have some more fractals I need to render and print. I suppose I'll eventually end up with enough slightly creepy copies of Gaston to wallpaper a room or something.

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