Friday, December 11, 2009


Finally, with some help from my able assistant (who knows how to talk to the terminal window) I've gotten the process working, and put a large zoomable fractal online. If this one seems to work out all right, and doesn't give my web host trouble, I'll do some more.

Rusting Dragon

This was one of my contest entries. I like the metallic texture that becomes visible when the picture is magnified, and I also like the sort of hunched, brooding quality of the thing. It reminds me both of the shipping cranes down in the industrial end of town, and of my cat, when she's tensely coiled and watching pigeons. Motionless, but with the sense that it might do something if you turned your back and didn't watch it too closely. Or that it's only standing still because it's been there for an enormously long time, in all sorts of weather, and all its gears and pulleys have corroded and fused themselves into immobility.


Samuel Monnier said...

Great! But for some reason, it is very slow when I look at it full screen. Not that the tiles take time to load, but panning and zooming are not fluid. Is it fluid for you?
You seem to be using javascript while I've been using flash...

Mr.Velocipede said...

Hm. I'm using a .swf and directory tree generated by a python script that came from The script also generated an html page which I modified to match my gallery, but I left in whatever javascript links they put there. I'm not actually too sure what any of it is doing.

It seems to run more smoothly on my local hard drive than on the web host, and it's smoother on a Windows machine than a Mac. How are you generating your zoomable flash files?

mary said...

I think that is totally amazing how you are able to make this 2 dimensional work look 3-D. Many Kudos