Saturday, September 12, 2009

Timelines and epicycles

Today's image is (a) directly stolen from the Spirograph instruction book I used to have, back in the day; (b) a companion piece to this one; (c) ludicrously slow to render.

A Modern Universe (for the City of the Future)

The pure-white background is disconcerting for me to look at. I rarely make anything so undiluted. But I wanted it to reflect the clean white sleek look of Modern design. All it needs is a bit of really geometric sans-serif type, a single word maybe, placed so as to provide the maximum amount of dynamic balance.

I very much want to make a big print of this one. The pattern-doubling repetitions around the minibrots are amazingly intricate, and would probably be worth examining more closely.

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Karla Z. said...

(I really love your white background ones. The fractal complexity is sort of muted, and maybe more hinted at than shown. I think. Anyhow, I like them.)