Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've finished the next stage of carving on my wood block. I'm now in the early stages of printing experiments, and it's looking like there are many possibilities for good effects. Before I started inking the block again, I did a couple of tests of embossing, with lots of pressure on the press. I like the textures where the carving marks show.

Insomnia: White Night

Emboss filter, without the filter

Fabriano paper, 9" x 7".

The subtle monochrome is soothing and pleasant, but my first tests of color suggest that it's going to get very eye-jarring, very fast. It will depend a lot on what color combinations I use, and how much contrast there is. I've got one in the drying rack at school that's probably a candidate for the Cosmic Zowie Award.

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