Sunday, August 5, 2007

Black Magic

Here is a place for me to put some fractals. I'm hoping that I will actually keep up with some of my current images, if I give them a place to be, without the pressure of having to organize them into tidy gallery pages before I've even decided whether they're any good or not. This is, therefore, something in the nature of a sketchbook. It's for images that are new, unfinished, not-quite-titled, or otherwise possibly-still-in-progress.

I'm trying, by this exercise, to get back to producing images without worrying so much about what they're good for, or whether anyone will like them, or what. I think I've been missing the early days of when I was messing with fractal generators, before all the art-sniveling happened, when it was no more complicated than finding where the spirals were, and seeing what colors looked good. I'm happy about having gone back to art school, in some ways, but it really screws up your perceptions about just making stuff.

So, with that in mind, here's a spiral.

That Ol' Black Magic

Seven layers of a Jock Cooper formula called "ploom." Some thin orbit traps and S.F.B.M., among other things.

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